How can children benefit from these bars?

HannaBar16 Original Formulae and HB16 with Green Ambrosia and Veg-Essence are wonderful nutritional supplements for both teenagers and children.

As we grow older, we accumulate more weak sick and old cells. When proper nutrients are not provided for children's bodies for a long period of time, the cell's organelles will stop working due to starvation of the cell membrane (the skin of the cell) and the cell begins to deteriorate. The process of dying cells is rapidly accelerated.

Many diets that include cook foods and supplements are not able to restore the weak or sick cells in children's bodies. Hard nutrients as found in supplements cannot go in the cells and waste cannot be eliminated. Cooked foods do not contain enzymes or electrolytes needed to break down the nutrients and can remain in their stomachs for over an hour before they are digested. Too often children, especially sick children are not able to produce enough enzymes to completely digest the food.   In the meantime, some of the food waiting to be digested can become partially spoiled or rancid. Unlike typical foods, Live/Energy "Quick" Foods already contain these vital enzymes that lead to the restoration of the cell membranes so that nutrients can be absorbed and cells can begin the road to repair. These bars can do just that.

Children and Teenagers suffering from short attention span hyperactivity, addictive behavior, depression anger, rage asthma, diabetes, brain disorders, heart problems, obesity and other degenerative diseases can see dramatic results through implementation of Live/Energy "Quick" Foods added into their daily diets.